Create the website yourself!

Create the website yourself!

  • Don’t you want to overpay for a page?
  • You can do it better yourself?
  • You need a simple tip, no definitions?
  • Do you want to manage your website yourself?
  • Without more knowledge of web developer you will design your website yourself.

I offer you practical knowledge how to do it right.

What will you learn?

I’d like to split the whole course into two stages. The prepared material will look like this: a recorded screen, camera and sound on which I will discuss each activity performed.

First stage:

Server configuration and WordPress installation. Additionally, editing of templates. So you will learn:

  • The basis of server configuration for optimization and security.
  • Basic configuration of WordPress, install theme. Edit with Gutenberg and WP Bakery Page Builder.
  • Edit the template. All practical solutions, lots of useful plug-ins, everything I’ve worked out over the years.

This stage is for everyone, the basic page everyone will be able to create with my guidance.

Second stage:

Site optimization. So you’ll learn:

  • Correct reading, drawing conclusions through Lighthouse, Pagespeed Insights, Gmetrix tools.
  • Technique of optimizing external scripts loading (3rd parties).
  • Charging async/defer Javascript and CSS.
  • Font loading strategy (Google Web Fonts).
  • Using PWA for optimization.
  • AMP functionalities.

This stage will be no more complicated than that. It’s already grinding the excavated diamond. However, you should consider optimizing your site. With my help, you will be able to do every step of the way.

Why do you need this course?

Google is forcing web developers to create high performance websites.
Soon, even if you place valuable content and your website loads slowly, it will be treated less well in search rankings.

You want to make your own side? Do it right!

Course is ready!